May 29, 2013

Just People

Courtesy Vinoth Yadav
What defines a crime, what defines a motive?

What makes a man, what makes a thief?

The story is at Just People.

Jan 3, 2012

Oh Wait

For Friends,
                   For Family.

Oh Wait

Sep 6, 2011

Big Boy

What is the boundary between being a child and being a big boy?

When does one become bigger or when does one stop being little?

The story is at  Big Boy

May 1, 2011


Is it not what defines a man, the ability to laugh?


Jan 20, 2011

Red Soil

Every day he toiled on his land,
He was his land and his land was he.
His livelihood, his body,
His mind his everything.

The story is at Red Soil

P.S. ( I never put a picture, but then this picture was perfect. Courtesy Rediff)